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Cancer Prevention

The Cancer Prevention Program actively seeks to expand the capabilities and efficacy of cancer prevention by developing and employing cutting-edge technology, measurement tools and methods and drug- and behavior-based interventional strategies. It does so by leveraging members' interests and capabilities across disciplines. The program's integrated focus on cancer prevention provides an environment that fosters intra- and inter-program collaboration and has spawned many advances in the field.


The objective of the Cancer Prevention Program is to facilitate and focus research on primary and secondary cancer prevention within the Lurie Cancer Center. Specifically, the goals are to:

  1. To identify novel strategies for cancer risk stratification and early detection
  2. Develop, test and implement innovative behavioral interventions to detect and reduce cancer risk
  3. Discover and develop new devices and therapeutics to reduce risk

Program Leaders

  • Seema Khan, MD, an esteemed surgical oncologist, the Bluhm Family Professor of Cancer Research, co-leader of the Lynn Sage Comprehensive Breast Center and director of the Bluhm Family Breast Cancer Early Detection and Prevention Program
  • Bonnie Spring, PhD, a distinguished psychologist who studies behavioral risk factors, professor of Preventive Medicine and director of the Institute for Public Health and Medicine's Center for Behavior and Health


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