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Read the latest news from the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University. The links below take you to articles where you can learn more about our center's latest events and accomplishments. You can also visit the article archive for older news.

  • 03.21.2018

    Physicians and scientists in the Lurie Cancer Center's OncoSET program are teaming up to help pioneer precision oncology.

  • 03.21.2018

    Deputy Director <a href="">Maha Hussain, MD </a>oversees clinical research at the Lurie Cancer Center, but never forgets her primary goal: having an impact on patients.

  • 03.21.2018

    Neurosurgical-oncologist and his colleagues at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University are fighting back against long odds in a quest to develop novel ways to attack brain cancer.

  • 03.20.2018

    Please join us in congratulating Jayesh Mehta, MD, and Seema Singhal, MD! Both professors in the Division of Hematology and Oncology in the Feinberg School of Medicine have been jointly appointed as the Chez Family Foundation Professors of Myeloma Research.

  • 03.16.2018

    Scientists have developed software that can forecast the survival of patients diagnosed with glioma that is more accurate than physicians’ predictions.

  • 03.16.2018

    Biomedical engineer Vadim Backman develops more sensitive cancer diagnostics and more effective treatments.

  • 03.15.2018

    Latino cancer survivors who were satisfied with their care had higher quality of life and more confidence managing communication with their physician, emotional distress, and daily activities than those less satisfied with their care, according to a new study.

  • 03.07.2018

    Maha Hussain, MD, recently published several papers detailing new findings in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer treatment and prostate cancer screening.

  • 03.07.2018

    Neuropathologist Daniel Brat, MD, is spearheading the evolution of brain tumor diagnostics.

  • 02.26.2018

    To improve support for patients throughout active treatment and survivorship, the Coleman Foundation established the Supportive Oncology Collaborative, 35 Chicago-area institutions who work together to consider all factors that affect quality of care and quality of life. “The collaborative has done a wonderful job at bringing together a diverse group of investigators, clinicians and stakeholders,” said Frank Penedo, PhD, Director of Lurie Cancer Center’s Cancer Survivorship Institute. “This process of care is now benefiting patients as it’s been implemented across multiple sites.”

  • 02.22.2018

    Dr. Hussain outlines how results from the PROSPER study might impact the treatment landscape for patients with nonmetastatic (M0) prostate cancer that is no longer responding to hormonal therapy, called castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC).

  • 02.21.2018

    Daycares and early childhood education programs frequently use spray sunscreen on children, but still have room for improvement when it comes to sun safety, according to a new Northwestern Medicine study.

  • 02.21.2018

    To better understand the mysterious interactions that occur inside cells, Lurie Cancer Center member Neda Bagheri, PhD, and her team have designed a new machine learning algorithm that can help connect the dots among the genes’ interactions inside cellular networks.

  • 02.20.2018

    A drug originally designed for chemotherapy may reduce allergic responses for a variety of allergens, according to a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

  • 02.16.2018

    Patients with an advanced form of kidney cancer have similar quality of life outcomes on a therapy called cabozantinib, compared to those on a standard treatment.

  • 02.15.2018

    Scientists throughout Feinberg are deeply invested in identifying health disparities — those differences in health outcomes between populations — as well as exploring novel interventions.

  • 02.12.2018

    Northwestern Medicine scientists have discovered why Huntington’s disease is so toxic to cancer cells and have harnessed it for a novel approach to treat cancer.

  • 02.09.2018

    As a NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, training the next generation of clinicians and scientists is vital to our mission. Our summer research programs give students the opportunity to learn and become active participants in cancer research. The hope is that these new experiences will inspire students to consider health- and science-related careers.

  • 02.08.2018

    Clinical trial results may provide new treatments for advanced cancer and “opens up the door for more investigation to happen to even prevent this disease stage from happening in the first place,” said Maha Hussain, MD, Deputy Director of the Lurie Cancer Center.

  • 02.07.2018

    Antibodies that reverse immune system suppression may be able to be used to treat a rare type of melanoma, according to a Northwestern Medicine study published in the journal Nature.


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