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Prostate Cancer SPORE Specimens/Data Requests

Prostate Cancer SPORE Specimens/Data Requests

The SPORE repository has more than 50,000 specimen aliquots from more than 4,500 consented patients with prostate cancer treated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and NorthShore University Health System. In addition to frozen tissue on nearly 3,500 patients, the repository has blood (serum, plasma, peripheral blood mononuclear cells, and blood spots) and urine samples. Sample accrual has been expanded to include not only patients undergoing surgery, but also non-surgical patients with advanced disease who are undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy, thus spanning the spectrum of disease. Corresponding formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue is available on each prostatectomy case, and biopsies are available in most cases as well. More than 50 tissue microarrays have been generated and are available to interested investigators for research studies. Detailed clinical and pathologic data associated with each specimen is uploaded by data coordinators into the SPORE database sample management systems with appropriate protection of patient confidentiality.

To request specimens and/or data, please register and complete our online request process

After you submit a request, it will be reviewed by members of the SPORE Tissue Disbursement Committee. You will be notified of the committee's decision or concerns by email.

Specimen Types

Blood, serum, and frozen tissue can be provided for immunohistochemistry studies, DNA, RNA and protein analyses. Tissue microarray slides can also be requested.

Paraffin-embedded tissue may have a higher cost associated with retrieval. However, this tissue type is also the most widely available and more likely to be approved in larger quantities or for pilot studies with unproven assays. To discuss your specimen needs, please contact:

Karen Kaul, MD, PhD
Director, Prostate SPORE Biospecimen
Procurement Core

Ximing Yang, MD, PhD
Co-Director, SPORE Biospecimen
Procurement Core

Jian-Jun Wei, MD
Co-Director, SPORE Biospecimen
Procurement Core

IRB Approval/Exemption

IRB approval or exemption must be obtained prior to release of data or specimens. Please send your IRB letter of approval or exemption to Michael Gurley.

For all other questions about the specimen request process, please contact:

Michael Gurley
Database Programmer, Prostate SPORE