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Clinical Trial NU MD11C03

BTTC11-01: Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Lacosamide for Seizure Prophylaxis in Patients with High-Grade Gliomas
Principal Investigator
Jeffrey Raizer
  • Status: COMPLETED
  • Study Type: Supportive Care, Treatment
  • Protocol No:.NU MD11C03
This is a randomized double-blind study is to test if the drug Lacosamide, an antiepileptic (anti-seizure)medication,can prevent seizures in patients who have had surgery for a brain cancer called malignant glioma.
This study is for patients who have had surgery for a brain cancer called malignant glioma. To date there have not been any definitive studies to determine the potential benefit of using anti-seizure medication to prevent seizures in at risk patients who have not yet had a seizure. Brain cancer patients who have undergone surgery for are at risk for seizures. This double-blind placebo study will assess the effectiveness of using Lacosamide, an FDA approved and commercially available anti-seizure drug, as a preventive medication to reduce the risk of seizures.
Some of the eligibility criteria include:
  • Patients must have diagnosis of high-grade glioma.
  • Patients must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Patients must not have a history of any type of seizure for at least 10 years prior to registration.
Note: This is only a partial list of eligibility criteria. Please contact the Lurie Cancer Center for complete screening information if you are interested in this clinical trial.
Description of Treatment
Participants in this study will take the study drug every day for up to a year, unless the doctor asks the participant to stop taking the drug earlier for safety concerns.
Clinical Trials Recruitment Nurse
Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center

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