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Northwestern Proteomics Core Facility


The mission of Northwestern Proteomics is to develop new proteomics technologies, apply them to timely questions in basic, translational and clinical research, educate Chicago area researchers, and communicate the research findings to the scientific community at large.

Committed to providing researchers with high-quality, cost-effective services and support, Northwestern Proteomics reviews each project and offers consultation to ensure that expectations are managed and the chances for a successful experiment are increased. The developing Core Facility in Chicago expands the technologies and services provided by the Proteomics Center of Excellence in Evanston, enabling Northwestern Proteomics to handle a diverse range of small and large-scale projects.


The Northwestern Proteomics Core Facility offers multiple types of experiments from simple protein identification to protein quantitation (both relative and absolute). The core performs both traditional bottom-up proteomics, where proteins are digested with an enzyme prior to analysis and intact, top-down proteomics analyses. The ability to perform top-down proteomics within the core facility distinguishes it from many other proteomics cores across the world.

The Northwestern Proteomics team provides consultation and direction on how to best design each experiment. Investigators who wish to incorporate proteomics into their research projects.

  • First-time users of the resource should visit the Northwestern Proteomics website to submit a Collaboration Request. A Northwestern Proteomics team member will follow up to schedule an in-person or telephone conference.
  • Returning users can download can download a Sample Submission Form. 
  • Samples may be dropped off (after the form is submitted) at locations on Northwestern’s Chicago or Evanston campuses between 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and from 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. on Friday.

Routine Service Lines are available, providing a more rapid turnaround for protein identification experiments, but offering little customization.

Specialized Service Lines are available, providing deeper qualitative and quantitative proteomic analyses.

Developmental Service Lines — for even more complex analyses — are available in collaboration with Northwestern Proteomics. Note: These services are not available for rapid turnaround.


Mass Spectrometers

  • Orbitrap Velos Pro
  • TSQ Quantum Ultra (used for histone epiproteomics panels)
  • QTOF Premier (coming soon)
  • 12T Velos FTICR-MS (available for top-down analyses)
  • Orbitrap Elite (available for quantitative top-down analyses)


Interim Director:
Paul Thomas, PhD


8305 Olson Pavilion
710 N. Fairbanks Ct., Chicago, IL 60611

B550 Silverman Hall
2170 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208

312.503.3711 or 847.467.1076