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Northwestern University Mouse Histology & Phenotyping Laboratory (MHPL)


The mission of the Northwestern University Mouse Histology & Phenotyping Laboratory (MHPL) is to assist primary investigators and researchers with standard and customized research-specific histology services. The laboratory provides comprehensive histology services for a wide variety of tissues (i.e., mouse, rat, sheep, pig, zebrafish, etc.) for routine histology, immunohistochemistry, whole mouse/rat necropsy, and phenotyping of organs and tissues. Pathologist consultation can also be provided to help develop strategies to elucidate phenotypes and gain mechanistic insight regarding the biologic actions of the targeted molecule(s) or the toxicity of exogenously administered substances. In addition, the laboratory provides training opportunities for learning histology techniques and phenotyping analysis.

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General Contact
(312) 503-2679 (Histology)
(312) 503-2695 (Phenotype & IHC)
(312) 503-2369 (FAX)

Lin Li, MD, MS
Associate Director

Craig Horbinski, MD, PhD

710 N. Fairbanks Court; Olson 8335.