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High Throughput Analysis Laboratory


The High Throughput Analysis Laboratory provides researchers with equipment and expertise for the development and execution of high throughput biological analysis and screening. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art liquid handling, plate detection and automated microbial culture handling capabilities. In addition, the HTA also is a resource for biological and chemical libraries for RNAi and other screening projects, housing two advanced whole-genome shRNAmir libraries (mouse & human) from Open Biosystems, 7 yeast libraries for various knock-out or over-expression experiments, and 60,000 chemical compounds from ChemDiv, ChemBridge, ASDI, and NCI. The facility also develops novel automated methods to increase assay and sample preparation throughput.



Eric Weiss, PhD

Operations Director:

Terri Fraterrigo


Hogan Hall, Evanston Campus
4th floor, 2400 square feet

Silverman Hall, Evanston Campus
350 square feet