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Developmental Therapeutics Core


The Developmental Therapeutics Core is a key component in preclinical drug development at Northwestern University. The core has facilitated the rapid growth of both basic and clinical cancer research with a focus on the development on new therapeutics and diagnostics by supporting the translational aspects of this research. The Core provides translational services to clinical investigators interested in moving agents into the clinic who might lack laboratory facilities and/or expertise with in vitro or mouse tumor models. Second, the Core provides translational services to basic science investigators who lack expertise in tumor biology, e.g. for chemists synthesizing compounds with anti-tumor activities that lack the training to evaluate these compounds in vitro and in vivo. And finally, the Core investigates novel therapeutic targets and approaches and novel animal tumor models to support the next generation of translation. The DTC is prepared to advance the goals of the Northwestern cancer research community in advancing new therapeutics and diagnostics from the benchtop into the clinic.



C. David James

Assistant Director:

Irawati Kandela


B715, Richard and Barbara Silverman Hall for Molecular Therapeutics and Diagnostics, Evanston Campus (1,712 Sq. Ft.)