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Center for Advanced Microscopy


The Center for Advanced Microscopy (formerly known as the Cell Imaging Facility) offers state-of-the art instrumentation and services for the study of biological processes at the tissue, cellular and subcellular levels. The facility's services include light, fluorescence, confocal, and electron microscopy, microinjection, digitally controlled temperature stage for live cell observation, computerized image analysis, and digital image manipulation.


Light Microscopy Electron Microscopy



Joshua Rappoport, PhD

The Center for Advanced Microscopy is located on the second floors of the adjoining Searle and Morton buildings. It consists of a 16-room suite that occupies approximately 3,950 sf. This suite is tailor-designed to our detailed specifications, and every room is equipped with dimmer light, proper temperature control, directed air in- and outlet (to minimize air flow), and accessible by special keycards available only to authorized users. Within the facility, there are two "wet" laboratory rooms with fume hoods, one for EM sample preparation, one for our federally funded research work. The latter lab is also available for users who need immediate laboratory set-up to complete their time-dependent imaging experiments.