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Cancer Informatics Core Facility


The Cancer Informatics Core addresses the increasing demand for bioinformatics and clinical trial informatics from investigators at the Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center. The Cancer Informatics Core works closely with the Genomics Core, the Proteomics Core, and the Biostatistics Core to ensure coordination of experimental and analytics through the different phases of a project.


To improve human health and reduce death and suffering from cancer through excellence in bioinformatics and medical informatics.


Bioinformatics and Biomedical Informatics Infrastructure Development

Investigator Project Support:

Our Work:

In addition to general consulting on about 30 ongoing investigations per year, the Core participates in major national efforts in bioinformatics and genomics, such as the NCI's caBIG, TARGET, Bioconductor, CAMDA, MAQC, and SEQC. The Core coordinates its activities and directions closely with those of caBIG and NCI initiatives in integrative research. Recent five collaborative publications with the Cancer Center members include:

  1. ChIPpeakAnno: a Bioconductor package to annotate ChIP-seq and ChIP-chip data. BMC Bioinformatics, 11(1):237, 2010
  2. The MicroArray Quality Control (MAQC)-II study of common practices for the development and validation of microarray-based predictive models. Nature Biotechnol, 28: 827-838, 2010.
  3. Annotating the human genome with Disease Ontology. BMC Genomics. Jul 7;10 Suppl 1:S6. 2009.
  4. Expression of cyclophilin B is associated with malignant progression and regulation of genes implicated in the pathogenesis of breast cancer. Am J Pathol. 174(1):297-308, 2009
  5. An integrated genome screen identifies the Wnt signaling pathway as a major target of WT1. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. Jul 7;106(27):11154-9, 2009




Ramana Davuluri, PhD

Administrative Director:
Abby Consentino-Boehm
312.503.2306 or

750 N Lake Shore Dr, Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 60611.