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Research Program Funding Opportunities

Cancer Support-Team Awards

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The Lurie Cancer Center is seeking applications for Cancer Support-Team Awards. Two awards, up to $50,000 each are anticipated. Projects must focus on a single problem relevant to cancer prevention, control and/or survivorship. Projects must involve (a) an integrated effort by two Co-PIs with expertise in different disciplines, (b) research questions related to the role of behavior in cancer prevention, control and/or survivorship outcomes, and (c) address underlying biological mechanisms via which behavior impacts study outcomes. At least one PI must be a member of either the Cancer Prevention (CP) Program or in the Cancer Control and Survivorship (CCS) Program. Teams where both PI's are in either of these Programs are permitted, as are teams where only one PI is in one of these Programs, and thus the other PI can be in other parts of the university, whether or not they are Lurie Cancer Center members.

The goals of these awards are to increase research in cancer prevention, control and survivorship, to foster the development of new interdisciplinary research teams that focus upon important problems and do so in a novel and effective manner, and to provide a pathway by which investigators can generate preliminary information that will serve to optimize their chances of successfully competing for national level peer reviewed funding. Applications that embody these elements and provide defined objective goals in such relevant areas of future publications and/or grant applications will be given greater weight. Given that the intent is to foster the development of new teams who approach problems in a novel fashion, those submitting with a long track record of interactions will not be favored.

Applications are due December 19, 2013, should be submitted in electronic form, and should be emailed to Benette Phillips at

The format of applications is to be as follows, in the order listed:

  1. First page-Face page: list project title, Co-PI's and their departmental affiliations.
  2. Second page-Project description: not to exceed one page, Arial 11 point font, and should follow the general format of a R01 Aims page. In order to ensure fairness to all applicants, this requirement is absolute. Applications exceeding this requirement will not be reviewed.
  3. Third page-How the project will meet the above stipulated goals. Provide a succinct one paragraph description of how the proposal will be used to achieve the goals highlighted above. The intent here is to describe this in a paragraph, and not to fill up the page.
  4. Supporting references are encouraged, and the listing of citations should occur on separate pages, which do not count towards the page limit.
  5. Biosketches of each PI. Use the NIH biosketch format. However, list all publications (i.e., do not limit them to 15 as is currently stipulated by NIH). Do not break them out into relevant versus non-relevant to the project, just list them chronologically. List ALL current funding, and list submitted applications. You are not limited by the number of pages for your biosketch. However, it must follow the NIH format; we do not want full CVs.
  6. Budgets: use a standard NIH budget form and provide a brief narrative justification.

H Foundation Incentive and Bridge Award Applications

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Through the generous support of the H Foundation, the Basic Sciences Research Division of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University has been able to fund research grant applications to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) through two funding mechanisms–Incentive and Bridge Awards. Since 2003, our investigators have received 34 of these awards. In the current funding environment, these resources from H Foundation and the Lurie Cancer Center can play a critical role in maintaining the productivity of high-impact basic sciences research programs.

The H Foundation Incentive Awards provide funding for faculty who have submitted and received a score on an RO1 grant to the NCI for the first time in their career. If additional funds are available, awards will be made to other faculty for new, first-time NCI RO1 submissions, which are scored but not yet funded. Awards of up to $20,000 to support research have been made.

The H Foundation Bridge Awards provide up to $20,000 of support for competing renewals of NCI-sponsored RO1 research that missed the payline. If you will be resubmitting an NCI competing renewal that received a score but was not funded,let your Program Leader know or email Tom O'Halloran at and copied to Jenna Ter Molen at

Eligibility and Process:
These Awards are available to full members of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center who are specifically affiliated with one of the five Basic Sciences Research Programs. In order to be considered for either an Incentive or Bridge Award, the Cancer Center Member should submit:
  1. A brief cover letter explaining how the proposed research described in an RO1 application to NCI advances cancer-related discovery research at
    Northwestern University
  2. The NIH Research Summary Statement (pink sheet) from the submitted grant
  3. The NIH Biographical Sketch/CV including support pages of the applicant

Applications should be sent to Tom O'Halloran via Jenna TerMolen . As a condition of funding, awardees will be expected to submit a written progress report two months prior to the end of the project year. Applications for both types of awards will be reviewed on a rolling basis and accepted until the funds for the year are expended.

H Foundation Pilot Awards

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Through the generous support of the H Foundation, members of the Basic Sciences Research Division of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University can apply for a pilot project award to advance basic and translational research projects relevant to cancer. Investigators can apply for pilot project funding for use in many of the new and established Core facilities. Awards are typically for up to $5,000. There is potential for an additional $5,000 for joint projects utilizing a second of these core facilities.

These awards are for new basic or translational cancer-related projects and cover charges in the Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging (CAMI), the Proteomics Center of Excellence (PCE), ChemCore, the High Throughput Analysis Lab (HTA), the Quantitative Bioelemental Imaging Center (QBIC), the Developmental Therapeutic Core (DTC) and the Recombinant Protein Production Core (rPPC). Please see the specific RFA for each core for types of potential projects.

The proposals must represent new and innovative research (not extensions of currently funded projects) for which pilot funding is needed to generate preliminary data for longer-term programs. It is envisioned that promising pilot projects will be developed into R01, R03, or R21 grants.

Application Process

  • Discuss projects and feasibility with each Core Facility Manager
  • Up to 2-page application (including figures and references) with the following sections: Specific Aims, Research Plan, Expected Outcomes, and Potential Pitfalls
  • The application should clearly state the cancer relevance of the project
  • Describe the innovative aspects of the application in the context of existing data and publications
  • Give a brief description of how the pilot project data will be used to achieve longer-term research funding or continuation of the project
  • Include any preliminary data on probe, nanoparticle, or material design and any results about cell uptake, toxicity or distribution
  • Include a current NIH-style biosketch (limit 4 pages total) for the PI and any key personnel
  • Applicants should not submit a budget. Applicants whose projects are reviewed will be provided a suggested research plan and associated budget prior to final award notification.

Evaluation Process

Applications will be evaluated based on:

  • Cancer relevance
  • Overall scientific merit, with particular attention given to the innovative characteristics of the proposal and the unique outcomes that are expected
  • Likelihood of successfully achieving the application’s aims within the scope of the award
  • Prospects for obtaining continued funding of the project

Applications should be submitted via NUCATS ASSIST at:

Application deadline: June 28, 2013. Funding decisions will be announced in July.

For additional information on the H Foundation Pilot Project Awards or process, contact Jenna Ter Molen at or (847) 467-0965


Lea Charitable Trust Equipment Grants

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Through the generous support of the Lea Charitable Trust, the Basic Sciences Division of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University has available a pool of funds to support small equipment grants for collaborative research projects or for use by multiple investigators. These awards are available to full members of the Lurie Cancer Center who are affiliated with one of the five Basic Sciences Research Programs. Awards will typically be for $5,000 to $8,000 with occasional exceptions for compelling circumstances. We are requesting one-page applications, identifying the nature of and participants in a collaborative research project or a list of the investigators who would use the equipment. If the request for funds represents partial support of an equipment purchase, please note what other sources of funds would be available to complete the purchase. Applications for funds for the purchase of equipment items should be submitted to Dr. Tom O'Halloran via Jenna Ter Molen. Awards are made on a rolling basis as funds become available. Awards are made on a rolling basis as funds become available.

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