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Lurie Cancer Center Member

Linda Broadbelt

Linda J Broadbelt, PhD

Academic Title:
Associate Dean (Academic), Chemical and Biological Engineering; Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Member of:
Cancer and Physical Sciences (CAPS)


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Cancer-Focused Research:

I am currently collaborating with Professor Lonnie Shea, whose group applies a cell array technology to identify the pathways activated by environment, and investigate the impact of biomaterial design on the pathways that are stimulated by cells. The array is applied to mammary epithelial cells that are able to form spherical structures in 3D culture. Additionally, cells with altered ErbB2 function form abnormal structures in 3D culture, and the pathway activation is being investigated as a function of genetic alterations. By comparing pathway activity between conditions that promote normal spheroid structure, the active pathways associated with this process will be identified, and strategies to promote normal spheroid structure within the cells that have altered ErbB2 function will be investigated. My specific role is to develop network models to identify key pathways.