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Cancer Center Member

Sergei Y Revskoy, MD, PhD

Academic Title:
Research Associate Professor, Medicine, Nephrology Division; Feinberg School of Medicine

Member of:
Cancer and Physical Sciences,Hematologic Malignancies


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Cancer Focused Research:

Dr. Revskoy’s research seeks to develop clinically relevant high-throughput bioassays for cancer progression that will be applicable in preclinical validation pipelines, and to use these bioassays to screen for novel chemical and genetic cancer targets. These in vivo bioassays are focused on the development of tumor progression hallmarks such as invasive growth, dissemination, metastasis and angiogenesis in time and space, using transplantable tumor model in clonal zebtafish including optically transparent mutants. Currently, the lab is working on the establishment of novel tumor models and on further improvement of high resolution bioimaging and quantitative assessment of tumor cell behavior using fluorescence-tagged tumor (leukemia, rhabdomyosarconas and hepatocellular carcinoma) cells engrafted into syngeneic fish. Inbred clonal lines of zebrafish generated in the lab are being used in multiple collaborative projects. Potentially, these lines will also be used in applying genetic and physical mapping, including QTL, for cancer gene identification and in organ regeneration paradigms.