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Lurie Cancer Center Member

Charles Goolsby

Charles Lewis Goolsby, PhD

Academic Title:
Professor, Pathology; Feinberg School of Medicine

Member of:
Hematologic Malignancies


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Cancer Focused Research:

Clinical: Analytical flow cytometry
Research: Investigation of signal transduction abnormalities in acute myeloid leukemia are the major research interest of the laboratory. Of particular interest are the potential diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic monitoring potential of these studies, particularly during disease progression, post-therapy follow-up, and minimum residual disease. The majority of AML patients show altered either constitutive activation of signal transduction pathways or show abnormal responses to specific growth factor, cytokine, or chemokine stimulation or inhibition of these response pathways. A distinct advantage to employing these measurements diagnostically is there direct link to appropriate, and intelligent, individualized patient therapeutic choice. In addition, alterations of signal transduction during myeloid maturation, particularly during monocytic differentiation are being studied. Lastly, the laboratory is also involved in development of a number of complex multiparametric flow cytometry based analyses in other hematopoietic malignancies both for diagnostic purposes and for patient specific therapeutic decision/monitoring purposes including assessment of signal transduction pathways in the setting of kinase inhibitor therapies.