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Survivorship Clinic for Older Adults

June McKoy, MD, MPH, JD, MBA

Megan Oden, MMS, PA-C

The Lurie Cancer Center has launched a cancer survivorship program specifically tailored to meet the needs of older individuals. The SENIOR Oncology Outcomes, Advocacy, and Research Program (SOAR) will focus on improving their health-related quality of life and overall health outcomes.

The SOAR program will begin with comprehensive clinical and social assessments (home environment, support system, family dynamics, and community resources). The insights gained from these assessments will guide recommendations and follow-up care; enabling healthcare providers to better meet the unique needs and challenges of older cancer patients and survivors.

SOAR's co-leaders are Megan Oden, MMS, PA-C, a certified Physician Assistant with expertise in Geriatrics, and June M. McKoy, MD, MPH, JD, MBA, a Board-Certified Geriatrician and Director of Geriatric Oncology for the Lurie Cancer Center.

Galter Pavilion 18th Floor, Suite 200
675 N. Saint Clair St.
Mondays 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

To refer a Lurie Cancer Center patient, call 312.695.4525 and ask for the SOAR Program

A visit to the SOAR clinic will include:

Patients must meet the following criteria to be evaluated in the SOAR Clinic