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Dermatologic Care Center

The Dermatologic Care Center manages and researches treatment strategies for skin conditions in cancer patients and survivors, as well as skin problems that occur as a result of anticancer drugs. The Lurie Cancer Center's Dermatologic Care Center is the first in the country to offer patients treatment options specifically for skin, nail, and eye reactions.

Programs and Services

  • Assessment and treatment of radiation and chemotherapy side effects
  • General skin care for cancer survivors
  • Educational and wellness programs
  • Access to innovative clinical trials
  • Dermatological surgery procedures

The Dermatologic Care Center's priority is providing high quality and personalized patient care. The Dermatologic Care Center will provide rapid (within several days) evaluations by dermatologists for cancer patients. Northwestern University physicians from the dermatology, ophthalmology and oncology departments work together to improve cancer patients' lives. In addition, patients are counseled on skin care to gain the best results from their anticancer therapy and enhance their quality of life.

The Robert H Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University's SERIES (skin and eye reactions to inhibitors of EGFR and kinases) research program complements the services provided by the Dermatologic Care Center.


To schedule an appointment, call 312.695.8106

Patients are seen in the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation Dermatology Office, 676 N St Clair, Suite 1600, Chicago.