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Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center

September 2017

arrow Scientists Discover Mechanism Behind ‘Paused’ Genes

August 2017

arrow Meeks Receives 2017 SWOG Early Exploration & Development (SEED) Award
arrow Simon Honored for Contributions to Health
arrow Dr. Olga Frankfurt on New Treatment Options for AML, Patient Power
arrow Dr. Leo Gordon on Strategies for Managing Hodgkin Lymphoma, NCCN Video
arrow Dr. June McKoy on Cancer & Bone Health, Chicago Health
arrow Dr. Gradishar on HER2-Negative Breast Cancer Study Findings, JNCCN
arrow Dr. Al Benson on Disparities in Anal Cancer Survival Rates, NCCN
arrow ‘Origami organs’ can potentially regenerate tissues
arrow Northwestern Hospitals Rank Among the Best in U.S. News Ranking
arrow Lynn Sage Foundation: Celebrating High-Impact Support for Cancer Research

July 2017

arrow Exploring New Possibilities to Treat Brain Cancer, CURE Magazine
arrow New Insights Into Protein’s Role in Inflammatory Response
arrow New Technology to Manipulate Cells Opens Doors for Regenerative Threapies
arrow Dr. Shira Dinner Receives NCI Cancer Clinical Investigator Team Leadership Award
arrow Ride for 3 Reasons Contributes to Cancer Investigations
arrow Investigating the Financial Burden of Cancer Drugs
arrow Investigating Benefit of Aggressive Procedure for Melanoma
arrow Novel Screening Method Reveals Glioblastoma Drug Target
arrow Nanomedicine Opens Doors to Precision Medicine for Brain Tumors
arrow New laser design offers more inexpensive multi-color output
arrow Stem Cell Transplant May Not Benefit Double-Hit Lymphoma Patients

June 2017

arrow Technology Unlocks Mold Genomes for New Drugs
arrow Lurie Cancer Center’s Sarki Abdulkadir honored by NCI’s CURE program
arrow Cancer Drug Can Prevent Reactions to Common Allergens
arrow Mitochondria Behind Blood Cell Formation
arrow Scientists Use Wearables to Track Patient Data
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Receives Grant from AVON 39 Chicago
arrow A Lifetime of Impact for Patients With Cancer
arrow Skin Cancer Institute: Advancing Melanoma Research and Treatment

May 2017

arrow Evaluating Active Surveillance in Prostate Cancer
arrow Thriving With Cancer / Celebrating Research
arrow Cold Virus, Stem Cells Tested to Destroy Brain Cancer
arrow Cancer Drug Can Prevent Some Allergic Reactions
arrow 3-D printed ovaries produce healthy offspring
arrow Lurie Cancer Center OncoSET Symposium
arrow First spherical nucleic acid drug injected into humans targets brain cancer
arrow Uncovering the Pathology of a Rare Pediatric Leukemia

April 2017

arrow Investigating Molecular Underpinnings of a Rare Melanoma
arrow Lynn Sage Foundation’s Cards for a Cure
arrow Innovators Work Together to Fight Cancer, Video
arrow Woodruff Receives Guggenheim Fellowship
arrow Dancing With Chicago Celebrities 2017
arrow OncoSET: Pioneering Precision Medicine in Cancer
arrow Uncovering a Novel Mechanism in Cell Division
arrow NCCN Guidelines: Process, Evolution, and Clinical Practice (video)
arrow Scientists Develop Novel Platform to Investigate Therapeutic Nanomaterials
arrow Identifying a Novel Target for Cancer Immunotherapy
arrow Investigating Quality of Life After Breast Reconstruction
arrow Mini Reproductive System May Change Future of Treatment
arrow Dr. Cristofanilli on Prognostic Markers for Breast Cancer, CancerNetwork
arrow Gradishar Named Interim Chief, Division of Hematology/Oncology
arrow Roger Stupp, MD, on Tumor-Treating Fields for Brain Tumors

March 2017

arrow Prostate Cancer Foundation Profiles Trailblazing Researcher, Maha Hussain, MD
arrow Oncologist Dr. John Hanson Becomes Fundraiser for Immunotherapy
arrow Insights Into the Building Blocks of the Nucleus
arrow Fundraising Kickoff Reception:
Cancer Survivors’ Celebration Walk & 5K
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Members Named to New Leadership Positions
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Physicians & Scientists Collaborate to Impact Lives
arrow Driving Clinical Advances in Prostate and Bladder Cancer
arrow Lurie Cancer Center members linked by Love of Science, Art, Travel
arrow Using Stem Cells to Predict Cardiotoxicity

February 2017

arrow Molecule Stops Fatal Pediatric Brain Tumor
arrow Evaluating a Novel Combination Therapy for CLL
arrow 2017 Liz and Eric Lefkofsky Innovation Research Award Recipients
arrow Insights Into Key Molecular Process Underlying Many Cancers
arrow Evaluating a Therapy for Rare Midgut Tumors
arrow Researchers are First to See DNA "Blink"
arrow Riad Salem, MD, to Receive Innovation Award
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Shoots for the Moon, Chicago Health
arrow When Treatment End Healing Begins, Chicago Health
arrow Improving the Health of Diverse Populations
arrow Uncovering Metabolism’s Clockwork
arrow Why I would still encourage my daughter to go into medicine
arrow Insights Into Enzyme Targets Could Lead to new cancer Therapies
arrow Celebrating Black History & Looking Forward

January 2017

arrow New Insights Into Protecting Cells
arrow Clinical Trial Asses Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Drug
arrow HPV-Associated Cancer Webinar
arrow Clinical Trials Evaluate New Anal Cancer Treatment
arrow Lurie Cancer Center to Lead Trial for Rare Cancer Patients
arrow Dr. Rishi Lulla on Patients as Partners (video)
arrow Mirkin Receives Dickson Prize
arrow Lurie Cancer Center and Nation’s Leading Cancer Centers
Jointly Endorse Updated HPV Vaccine Recommendations
arrow Ride for 3 Reasons Prepares to Launch
arrow Halting Lethal Childhood Leukemia
arrow Longer Treatment May Benefit Some Breast Cancer Patients, Cancer Today
arrow Regulating Stem Cells of the Eye
arrow Fatty Acids May Help Target Ovarian Cancer

December 2016

arrow The Cancer Magnet, CHICAGO Magazine
arrow Meade Named National Academy of Inventors Fellow
arrow GPS for Brain Surgery, CHICAGO Magazine
arrow Dr. Jessica Altman on Novel Leukemia Treatments from Clinical Trials
arrow Satchell & Shilatifard Elected AAAS Fellows
arrow Partners Ease Embarrassment of Skin Cancer Checks
arrow John P. Hanson Foundation for Cancer Research Won’t Take Slow for an Answer
arrow Biosensors to Monitor Metabolism of Living Cells
arrow Summer Research Programs for Students
arrow ‘Rewired’ cells show promise for targeted cancer therapy
arrow Answering to Triple Negative Breast Cancer, USA Today
arrow Cancer Center Breast Cancer Experts at SABCS
arrow A “New Normal” After Breast Cancer – and Twins
arrow Lurie Cancer Center & Abbvie Announce Cancer Research Collaboration

November 2016

arrow Thriving After Cancer
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Researchers Ranked among the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds
arrow Investigating Clinical Trends in HIV-Associated Cancers
arrow New Approach to Inflammatory Breast Cancer Treatment
arrow New Liquid Biopsy Partnership to Strengthen OncoSET
arrow The Investiture of Daniela Matei, MD
arrow Gene Signature Predicts Response to Radiation Therapy
arrow Caring for Veterans Led to Prostate Cancer Advances
arrow Thank you for giving us the “The Wings to Cure!”
arrow Mirkin Wins 2016 RUSNANOPRIZE

October 2016

arrow The New Science of Cancer
arrow Senator Durbin Discusses Research Priorities
arrow Cancer Survivorship Institute Researchers Contribute to NCCN Course
arrow Enzyme Identified as Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Target
arrow HCRF Inaugural Gala to Accelerate Research, Nov. 5
arrow Understanding Chromatins Cancer Connection
arrow Pinpointing the Origins of Prostate Cancer
arrow Roger Stupp to Join Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Dr. Sheetal Kircher on Cancer Survivorship, WGN TV
arrow Jaehyuk Choi Receives Prestigious Doris Duke-Damon Runyon Clinical Investigator Award
arrow David Cella Receives Lienhard Award from National Academy of Medicine
arrow Dr. Seema Khan on Breast Self-Exams, Readers Digest
arrow Chung Lee Lectureship 2016
arrow Understanding Signaling Pathways in Brain Tumors
arrow Ben Stiller Credits Dr. Edward Schaeffer and the PSA Test

September 2016

arrow Horiuchi Receives $450,000 Komen Research Grant
arrow Breakthroughs in Cancer Care “Thanks to You”
arrow Lurie Cancer Center and Tempus Announce Partnership to Advance Precision Medicine for Patients with Cancer
arrow Daniela Matei and Jindan Yu Named Co-Leaders Lurie Cancer Center Translational Bridge Program
arrow Optimizing Treatment for Patients with HR-Positive Breast Cancer, CURE
arrow Ride for 3 Reasons is Peddling with Purpose
arrow Sept. 29 Symposium to Address Cancer Inequities
arrow Detecting Cancer at its Earliest Stages
arrow Using Stem Cells to Predict Cardiotoxicity
arrow Translating Science to Cures at Inaugural Event to Benefit Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Reprogramming Cancer with Synthetic Biology
arrow Ride Across America Funds Vital Research
arrow Cristofanilli Leads New IBC Research Team
arrow Cryoresearch May Lead to New Path to Motherhood

August 2016

arrow Maha Hussain Joins the Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Cristofanilli Chairs Cancer MoonShot 202O IBC Working Group
arrow Celebrating ChicagoCHEC Fellows
arrow Green Elected to German National Academy of Sciences
arrow Guidelines for Managing Cancer Survivors’ Chronic Pain
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Named Among Nation's Best Oncology Programs
arrow Didwania Named Director of Honors Program in Medical Education
arrow A Nutritious — and Cool — Gift for Patients
arrow The Smile On My Face Says It All!
arrow Emotional Support Before Stem Cell Transplant May Improve Outcomes
arrow McKoy Named to Cancer Legal Resource Center Advisory Committee
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Launches eHealth Distance Learning Portal
arrow Northwestern Medicine Hospitals Ranked Among “America’s Best Hospitals” by U.S. News & World Report
arrow H Foundation’s Goombay Bash Smashed Fundraising Goals! $638,705 Raised to Fund Basic Science Cancer Research

July 2016

arrow Leukemia Survivor Walks to Pay it Forward, Daily Herald
arrow Metastatic Prostate Cancer Cases Skyrocket
arrow Evaluating a Precision Medicine Approach to Treating Advanced Breast Cancer
arrow Destination Lurie Cancer Center (Video)
arrow Passing the Torch to Ride for 3 Reasons, Daily Herald
arrow Exercise Improves Memory in Breast Cancer Survivors
arrow Lurie Cancer Center - NUCATS Joint Translational Bridge Award Recipients
arrow A Conversation With Dr. Leon Platanias, BTCRC
arrow Nanoscientists Develop Ultimate Discovery Tool

June 2016

arrow Lurie Cancer Center Symposium and Scientific Poster Session
arrow ChicagoCHEC Summer Research Fellows Program:
University Without Walls
arrow Shilatifard Receives Walder Research Award
arrow Dr. David Victorson on Managing Stress in a World Filled with Worry.
arrow Celebrating Survivorship & Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute
arrow Translational Bridge Acceleration Award Recipients Announced
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Receives $750,000 from AVON 39 Chicago
arrow Balancing Gene Expression to Prevent Disease
arrow Dr. Sofia Garcia on "Why Finishing Treatment Can Be Difficult for Cancer Survivors"
arrow Moving Forward after Cancer, WCIU TV
arrow Tina Chip and Dr. Tim Pearman on Moving Forward after Cancer, WCIU TV

May 2016

arrow Mindfulness Intervention Leads to Greater Resilience & Less Anxiety for Prostate Cancer Patients
arrow Survivorship Care Planning in a Comprehensive Cancer Center
arrow 2016 IDP Foundation Research Innovation Challenge Award Recipients Announced
arrow Project LUNAR to Study Blood Test for Early Cancer Detection
arrow Chandel Receives NCI Outstanding Investigator Award
arrow Exploring the Role of Transcription Factors in Lymphatic Diseases
arrow Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation Names First Scholar
arrow Gradishar Named Deputy Director for Lurie Cancer Center Clinical Network
arrow Collaborating to Explore Cancer Therapy Resistance
arrow Tim Pearman, PhD, on What a Cure Really Means (Men’s Health)
arrow 1 Brain Tumor + 2 People Committed to a Cure

April 2016

arrow Sosman Joins the Lurie Cancer Center Named Co-Leader, Translational Research in Solid Tumors Program
arrow Analyzing Gene Expression
arrow Al B. Benson III, MD, Elected President, National Patient Advocate Foundation Executive Board
arrow Stem Cell Method Predicts Patient Response to Cancer Drug
arrow Dancing With Chicago Celebrities Funds Research
arrow Frank Penedo, PhD, on Culturally-Tailored Support for Cancer Survivors
arrow Hou Named Director of Global Health for the Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Hou Appointed to Cancer Moonshot Panel
arrow Investigating Kidney Cancer Therapies
arrow Uncovering How Cells Sense Oxygen Levels
arrow Judith Paice, PhD, on Managing Cancer Pain
arrow Exploring the Architecture of the Genome

March 2016

arrow Living with Cancer as a Young Adult: Survivors Share Their Stories
arrow Students Honor Teacher & Brighten Patients’ Holiday
arrow Smarter Tools for Brain Surgery, Crain’s
arrow Delivering Breakthroughs
arrow Investigating New Brain Tumor Therapies
arrow Bedside to Benchtop Prostate Cancer Research
arrow Testing a New Therapy for Advanced Blood Cancer
arrow 2015 Year in Review
arrow Crucial Step in Red Blood Cell Development Discovered
arrow 2015 Lurie Cancer Center Year in Review
arrow New Therapy for Advanced Breast Cancer
arrow Low Vitamin D Predicts Aggressive Prostate Cancer

February 2016

arrow Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation Chair Honored for Positive Impact on Society
arrow Francis Giles, MD, on Transformation in Cancer Treatment & Care, Chicago Tonight
arrow Dancing With Chicago Celebrities
arrow Nanoparticles Destroy Cancer With Mechanical Force
arrow New Predictor of Cancer
arrow More Is More When Shielding Kids from Sun
arrow Overcoming Barriers to Clinical Trial Participation
arrow Munshi Named Program Leader Tumor Environment and Metastasis Program
arrow Improving Cancer Care in Tanzania

January 2016

arrow Oncologists’ Role in Patient Fertility Care
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Joins Nation’s Cancer Centers in Endorsement of HPV Vaccination for Cancer Prevention
arrow 23rd Annual Cancer Survivors’ Celebration Walk & 5K
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Dream Team Fights Pediatric Brain Tumors
arrow Shira Dinner, MD, Awarded NCCN Grant to Investigate Volasertib in Hematologic Malignancies
arrow Researchers Pinpoint Where Cancer Cells May Begin
arrow A Web-Based Intervention to Address Barriers to Clinical Trials
arrow Mutation Discovered Unique to Childhood Kidney Cancer
arrow Targeting Immunosuppression in Brain Tumors
arrow When Breath Becomes Air: A Review
arrow New Roles for Mitochondria Uncovered

December 2015

arrow Accelerating Prostate Cancer Research
arrow Dr. Lesniak Combats Brain Cancer With Multifaceted Biological Approach
arrow Preventing Cells from Developing Into Tumors
arrow Innovative Solution to Improve Patient Care
arrow Greek Americans Against Breast Cancer and Plato Academy Donate Event Proceeds to Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Hospira Foundation Gift Creates Professorship in Translational Cancer Biology at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University
arrow Renee Israel Foundation Check Presentation for Breast Cancer Research

November 2015

arrow Hippocratic Cancer Research Foundation to Support Groundbreaking Research
arrow Lesniak Named Program Leader for Neuro-Oncology at the Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Promising Treatment Strategy for Rare Forms of Leukemia Discovered
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Scientists Receive NCI Outstanding Investigator Awards
arrow Managing Cancer as a Chronic Condition, U.S. News
arrow Eric and Liz Lefkofsky Donate $1 Million to Lurie Cancer Center for Oncology Research
arrow 2015 Oncofertility Conference Sparks Critical Conversations
arrow Samant Joins the Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Examining Kinase Inhibitors to Treat Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
arrow New Player in Lung Cancer Progression Discovered
arrow 2016 Liz and Eric Lefkofsky
Innovation Research Award Recipients

October 2015

arrow Exploring Gene Transcription During Cell Division
arrow Greek Americans Raise Awareness and Funds to End Breast Cancer
arrow Protein Degradation Pushes the Cell Cycle Forward
arrow $17.4 Million Grant to Tackle Cancer in Chicago’s Lower-Income, Minority Neighborhoods
arrow Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation Luncheon Raises Over $1M
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Members Elected to Leadership of the American Society of Hematology (ASH)
arrow Giles Named Chief of Hematology/Oncology
arrow Working Together to Advance Medical Research
arrow Local Family Raises Money in Support of Cancer Research at the Lurie Cancer Center
arrow New Faculty to Study Molecular Mechanisms of Disease
arrow Schaeffer Joins the Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Chung Lee Lectureship 2015
arrow Grant Supports Research on Most Common Tumor in Women

September 2015

arrow Lesniak Joins the Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Coffee Associated With Colon Cancer Survival
arrow Clinical Trial Compares Lymphoma Regimens
arrow Implant Detects Spreading Cancer Cells Early
arrow Chad Mirkin Receives Sackler Prize in Convergence Research
arrow Targeting an Ion Channel to Treat Pediatric Brain Tumor
arrow Exploring How Cells Forge Bonds

August 2015

arrow Lurie Cancer Center Receives $11.7 Million Grant to Improve Treatment Using Nanotechnology
arrow Barbara Pro, MD, Joins the Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Receives $11 Million NCI Award to Accelerate Prostate Cancer Research
arrow How a Common Set of Genes Drives Cancer
arrow Protein Found to Control Inflammatory Response
arrow Chicago Researchers Roll Out Best Practices for Supportive Care of Cancer
arrow Massimo Cristofanilli Joins the Lurie Cancer Center as Associate Director for Precision Medicine and Translational Research
arrow New Screening Technologies Hold Promise for Dramatic Changes
arrow Lurie Cancer Center and NMDTI Announce Collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb on Immuno-Oncology Rare Population Malignancy (I-O RPM) Program

July 2015

arrow Uncovering Genetic Factors in Leukemia
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Program to
Tackle Breast Cancer with Precision Medicine
arrow Green Honored for Research Accomplishments
arrow New Tool for RNA Gone Awry
arrow Quitting Smoking after Cancer
Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology for Smoking Cessation
arrow Genetic Switch May Determine Aging
arrow Northwestern Medicine Hospitals Ranked Among “America’s Best Hospitals” by U.S. News & World Report
arrow Surgery May Benefit Patients at Any Stage
arrow Anxiety and Watchful Waiting in Prostate Cancer
arrow Perlman Named Director of Flow Cytometry Core Facility

June 2015

arrow Licht to Lead University of Florida Health Cancer Center
arrow Peng Ji Honored by American Society of Clinical Investigation Award
arrow Centriole Finding Expands Knowledge of Cancer Cell Biology
arrow McNally Testifies on Gene-Editing at Congressional Hearing
arrow Retreat Expands Framework for the Future:
Basic Sciences Research Division at the Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Bacterial Toxin May Prevent Tumor Growth
arrow Backman Awarded Ver Steeg Research Fellowship
arrow Northwestern Receives $800,000 from AVON 39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer
arrow Moving Beyond Cancer: Making the Impossible Possible for Cancer Survivors
arrow NCI Awards $9.6M for New Physical Science-Oncology Center
arrow Northwestern University Receives $9.6 Million from the NCI to Advance Cancer Research
arrow Wayne Named Associate Director for Clinical Affairs at the Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Gius Named Leader
Women's Cancer Research Program
arrow 22nd Annual Cancer Survivors’ Celebration Walk & 5K: Thank You for Celebrating With Us!

May 2015

arrow Altman and Frankfurt Named Leukemia Program Co-Directors at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University
arrow Noted Surgeon / Researcher Shoreh Shahabi, MD is New Chief of Gynecologic Oncology
arrow H Foundation Pilot Project Award Recipients
High Throughput Screening and Medicinal Chemistry
arrow Leukemia Translational Research Program for the Leukemia Translational Research Program
arrow New IDP Research Innovation Challenge Award Recipients Announced
arrow H Foundation Multi-PI Basic Science Synergy
Grant Recipients Announced
arrow McKoy Named to NCI Council of Research Advocates
arrow Genetic Testing Surge: Questions & Answers, Chicago Tribune
arrow Meet Some Inspiring "Faces of Cancer" (VIDEO)
arrow New Origin Theory May Aid Understanding of Diseases
arrow Leukemia Translational Research Initiative
Launches a "Campaign to Save Lives"
arrow Telomere Changes Predict Cancer

April 2015

arrow Chance and Circumstance Tip Immune Control of Cancer
arrow Northwestern Scientists Develop First Liquid Nanolaser
arrow Dancing With Chicago Celebrities Funds Breast Cancer Research
arrow Childhood Cancer Survivors Face Chronic Health Problems
arrow Activator for Aging and Cancer Protein Identified
arrow Remembering Andrew Parsa, MD, PhD
arrow Webb Named Assistant Director for Administration
arrow Donation Helps Bring Novel Cancer Therapies to Lake Forest through Clinical Trials
arrow Cancer Genes Turned Off in Brain Cancer
arrow Searching for New Approaches to Prostate Cancer
arrow As Number of Childhood Cancer Survivors Increase, So Do Morbidities
arrow Zafirovski Named Associate Director for Administration

March 2015

arrow Gius Named Vice Chair for Translational Research, Radiation Oncology
arrow Ovary Transplantation Shows Promise for Restoring Fertility After Cancer
arrow Dr. William Gradishar on Evolution of Breast Cancer Treatment, ASCO Post
arrow Taking Prostate Cancer Screenings to Chicago Communities
arrow New Lurie Cancer Center Program Highlighted in ASCO Post
arrow 2014 Lurie Cancer Center Awards
arrow Northwestern Medicine and Lurie Cancer Center Physicians Receive QOPI Certification
arrow Agulnik, Hamilton and Moreira Receive Compassionate Care Awards
arrow Andrew Parsa, MD, on Brain Tumor Treatment Breakthroughs, Windy City Live
arrow Nanotechnology for Prostate Cancer Prognosis
arrow Protein That Helps Cells Stick Together May Explain Skin and Heart Disease Development
arrow Targeting Growth Factor Improves Skin Cancer Therapies
arrow Accelerating Natural Product Discovery for Biomedical Research
arrow Our Social Workers are Here to Help
arrow Colorectal Cancer Facts & Fiction
arrow First Translational Bridge Program
Award Recipients Announced
arrow Uncovering Genetic Roots of Pediatric Kidney Tumor
arrow Ellen Mendelson, MD, on Ultrasound Screening for Breast Cancer, Radiology Business
arrow Lurie Cancer Center & Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium

February 2015

arrow Studies led by Melissa Simon, MD, Focus on Barriers to Care
arrow Shohreh Shahabi, MD, to Lead Division of Gynecologic Oncology
arrow Navigators Help Patients Overcome Health Inequities
arrow Research Profile: Leonidas Platanias, MD, PhD
arrow First IDP Foundation Research Innovation Challenge Award Recipients Announced
arrow Lisa Flaum, MD, Joins Lurie Cancer Center Breast Oncology Team
arrow McKoy named 2015 Impact Center Fellow
arrow Fat Tissue May Be Key to Scleroderma's Progression
arrow Trotter Honored as Public Health Champion
arrow New Lurie Cancer Center Program Combines Oncology with Genomics to Provide More Personalized Cancer Care

January 2015

arrow McKoy Receives 2015 Humanitarian Award
arrow Wayne Named Interim Associate Director for Clinical Affairs at the Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Lessons Learned When a Physician Becomes a Patient
arrow Leonidas Platanias, MD, PhD, on Luck’s Role In Cancer Risk, Chicago Tribune
arrow Adaptive Hybrid Surgery is a “Game Changer”, WGN-TV
arrow Hou Named Co-Director of International Relations
arrow New Leadership in Tumor Invasion, Metastasis & Angiogenesis Research Program
arrow Long-Time H Foundation Partners Support Vital Research
arrow Pedram Gerami, MD, on Melanoma Test to Predict Metastatic Risk
arrow Brain Cancer Vaccine Has Potential to Change Medicine
arrow Leon Platanias, MD, PhD, on Cancer Risk Study, WGN TV
arrow Connecting Cellular Aging to Human Aging

December 2014

arrow Wishing You a Happy and Healthy New Year!
arrow Karpus Named Director of Flow Cytometry Core Facility
arrow Brain Cancer Vaccine Has Potential to Change Medicine & Lives, Chicago Magazine
arrow Newly Launched Research Alliance with NeoGenomics
arrow Jyoti Patel, MD, on Targeted Therapy Related Toxicities, ASCO Post
arrow William Gradishar, MD, on Long-Term Benefits of Tamoxifen, MedPage Today
arrow Northwestern Surgeons First to Use Adaptive Hybrid Technology for Brain Tumor in Phase 1 Study
arrow Disentangling the Dopaminergic System
arrow Who’s Looking Out for Survivors of Childhood Cancer?
arrow Exploring How Arsenic Combats Leukemia

November 2014

arrow Teresa Woodruff, PhD, on Fertility Preservation in Young Cancer Patients
arrow Potential Therapy Found for Incurable Pediatric Brain Tumor
arrow Nano Boot Camp Gives Clinicians New Insights
arrow Malcolm DeCamp, MD, on Medicare Coverage for Lung Cancer Screening
arrow Jeffrey Raizer, MD, on Protein Therapy for Glioma (Video)
arrow First Genetic-based Tool to Detect Circulating Cancer Cells in Blood
arrow Lurie Cancer Center & Developmental Therapeutics Institute Partner with Foundation Medicine to Launch Innovative Clinical Translation Program
arrow Agulnik Named Clinical Research Office Director
arrow Green Appointed Associate Director for Basic Sciences Research
arrow Peter Discovers New Way to Kill Cancer Stem Cells
arrow Woodruff on Ensuring Cancer Patients Can Realize the Dream of Parenthood

October 2014

arrow Woodruff Building a Tissue Chip Model of Female Reproductive System
arrow Mrksich Named Associate Director for Research Technology and Infrastructure at the Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Platanias Honored as Distinguished Greek-American in Medicine
arrow Special Lectures Pay Tribute to Chung Lee
arrow Improving Patient Medication Information Through Better Design
arrow Strategic Alliance with Perthera Announced
arrow Bonnie Spring, PhD, Wins Grant to Develop Sensors that Prevent Smoking Relapse and Overeating
arrow David Cella, PhD, Honored as Leader in Patient-Reported Outcome Measures
arrow Stopping Tumor Growth During Hypoxia
arrow Platanias Appointed Director of Lurie Cancer Center

September 2014

arrow A New Way to Prevent Organ Transplant Rejection
arrow Chicago’s in Good Taste: A Breast Cancer Research Initiative
arrow A Better Way to Measure Tumor Growth
arrow Mark Hersam, PhD, Named a Macarthur Fellow
arrow New Insights for Therapeutic Intervention:
arrow New Signaling Pathway in Brain Tumors Identified
arrow Judith Paice, PhD, on Fears of Addiction Keep Patients from Pain Relief, Reuters

August 2014

arrow Rare Cancer Inspires Rare Partnership, Huffington Post
arrow Drug Discovery Screening 100 Times Faster
arrow Lefkofsky Family Foundation Supports Innovative Studies in Cancer
arrow Nora Hansen, MD, on Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy, HealthDay
arrow Jyoti Patel, MD, on the Stigma of Lung Cancer, Cancer.Net
arrow CURE Program Concludes Successful Summer
arrow Biomarker in an Aggressive Breast Cancer Identified
arrow Alex Zafirovski, MBA, Named Interim Associate Director of Administration for the Lurie Cancer Center
arrow Study Finds Protein Trail That Leads To MDS
arrow Health of Young Adult Cancer Survivors Compared to Peers
arrow Hear Jyoti Patel, MD, Explain Lung Cancer Advances from ASCO
arrow Model Predicts Better Outcomes for Brain Tumors with Gene Mutation

July 2014

arrow Target Identified to Inhibit Prostate Cancer
arrow Study Helps Compare Early Esophageal Cancer Treatments
arrow NCCN Guidelines Recommend Prostate Health Index as a Diagnostic Test for Early Prostate Cancer Detection
arrow Diabetes Drug Inhibits Cancer Growth
arrow The Science of US: Mapping the Human Brain
arrow Northwestern Memorial Ranks in U.S. News’ Top 10
arrow New Skin Gel Fights Breast Cancer without Blood Clot Risk
arrow New Instrument Tracks Nanoparticles in Cancer Cells
arrow New Results Show Personalized Brain Tumor Vaccine Helps Patients Live Longer
arrow Samman Shahpar, MD, on the Role of Rehabilitation in Cancer Care
arrow Density of Molecules May Help Predict Cancer

June 2014

arrow Trovagene Enters into Strategic Alliance with the Lurie Cancer Center and Northwestern Medicine Developmental Therapeutics Institute
arrow Targeted Radiation Controls Spreading Breast Cancer
arrow Reminders Increase Colon Cancer Screenings in Vulnerable Populations
arrow SAMFund Grants Provide Financial Assistance for Young Adult Survivors
arrow A Hybrid Approach to Brain Tumor Therapy
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Receives $800,000 from Avon Walk Chicago
arrow Study Illustrates Colon Cancer Screening Disparities
arrow Gala Celebrates Launch of WE WILL, The Campaign for Northwestern Medicine
arrow Cancer Survivors’ Celebration Walk & 5K: One for the Books
arrow New Path to Stop the Spread of Breast Cancer Discovered

May 2014

arrow A Restaurant Owner and a Photographer Use Their Talents to Give Back
arrow Lung Force: Making Lung Cancer in Women a Priority
arrow Harnessing Chemistry to Halt Blood Cancers
arrow Understanding the Relationship Between Viruses and Cancer
arrow Celebrating Mother’s Day Thanks to Cancer Surgery
arrow Unhealthy Behavior Increasing College Students’ Cancer Risk
arrow Celebrating Oncology Nurses Month
arrow A Decade of Courage and Strength: Irina’s Story
arrow Protein Shown to Reduce Body’s Ability to Kill Brain Tumors
arrow NBTI Surgeon Removes Tumor with No Visible Scars, NBC TV News
arrow Trotter Named Co-Chair of Illinois Cancer Partnership
arrow Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer

April 2014

arrow Abdulkadir Named Director of International Relations
arrow Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) Models to Advance Novel Cancer Therapies
arrow Kelleher Named Allen Distinguished Investigator
arrow Connections Make Cancer A Little Less Lonely
arrow Lurie Cancer Center’s AYA Oncology Program
arrow Loaded Nanostars Kill Cancer Cells
arrow Ray Bergan, MD, Discovers Cancer-Associated Cells
arrow Wedding, Career, Chemo: When Cancer Derails the Millennial Dream

March 2014

arrow That’s Why We’re Here: How an Oncology Social Worker Can Help
arrow Robert Lewandowski, MD, on Value of Y-90 for Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer
arrow Synthetic Biologists at Northwestern University
arrow Marcus Peter, PhD, on Potential New Approach to Killing Cancer Cells
arrow Chad Mirkin, PhD, and Shad Thaxton, MD, PhD, on Catching the Early Spread of Breast Cancer
arrow Core Facility Helping Scientists Unlock the Human Genome
arrow Exploring the Cell's Molecular Inventory
arrow Fighting Cancer Through Technology

February 2014

arrow Northwestern Debuts New Test for Prostate Cancer
arrow International Partnership to Focus on Nanomedicine
arrow Multinational Research Project Could Lead to New Cancer Drug
arrow Parsa Named Co-Leader, Translational Research in Solid Tumors Program
arrow Social Worker Mary Koludrovic Helps to Navigate the Challenges (Video)
arrow A Message From the Interim Director

January 2014

arrow Most People Would Share Data for Research
arrow Communication Helps Guide Brain Tumor Surgery
arrow Enhanced Prognosis Could help Lymphoma Patients
arrow Leonidas Platanias Named Interim Director of the Lurie Cancer Center

December 2013

arrow The Changing CML Treatment Landscape (Video)
arrow Saving Fertility Not Priority at Most Cancer Centers
arrow Clinical Trial of Personalized Vaccine for Brain Tumor Shows Promise
arrow New Treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer
arrow Mammography Screening Intervals May Affect Breast Cancer Prognosis
arrow 2014 Summer Research Programs for Students
arrow Scientists Show Benefit of Targeting Antioxidants in Cancer Treatment
arrow Virginia Kaklamani, MD, on Ways to Lower Breast Cancer Risk, Good Housekeeping
arrow Exploring the Cancer Fighting Effects of Cytokines

November 2013

arrow Discovery of Novel Molecular Pathway in Retinoblastoma
arrow Scientists Uncover New Treatment Target for Most Common Pediatric Eye Cancer
arrow Announcing the Cancer Survivorship Institute at the Lurie Cancer Center
arrow The Lurie Cancer Center Mourns the Loss of Dr. Piotr Kulesza
arrow Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Nov. 14
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Named Center of Excellence in AYA Oncology
arrow Meet Patient & Family Advisory Board Member Hector Nunez
arrow Key Protein Affects Formation of Platelets
arrow Steven Rosen, MD, Accepts Provost Position at City of Hope
arrow Identifying Signaling Pathways in Breast Cancer
arrow Brain Cancer Gene Silenced by Nanotechnology-Based Drug

October 2013

arrow Key Protein Affects Formation of Normal Platelets
arrow Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute
Celebrating 5 Years of Progress (Video)
arrow Genetic Test More Accurate Predictor of How Melanoma Will React
arrow Inhibitor May Help Treat Acute Myeloid Leukemia
arrow Viral Photo Offers Evidence of Sun's Aging Effect on Skin
arrow Predicting Who Will Have Chronic Pain
arrow Survey Screens Cancer Patients for Depression
arrow Receptor Plays Dual Role in Keeping Immune System Balanced
arrow Heavy Smoking Raises Prostate Cancer Risk in African Americans
arrow Chicago Park District Joins Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation to Light Chicago Pink
arrow Protein Marks Vital Component in Creation of Multi-Ciliated Cells
arrow Christian Peterson, PhD, Receives NIH New Innovator Award

September 2013

arrow 2013 Citation Laureate in Chemistry Chad Mirkin, PhD, is potential Nobel Prize Winner, LA TIMES
arrow Platanias Receives 2013 Milstein Award
arrow Stupid Cancer Show Webcast Highlights Lurie Cancer Center Programs for Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer
arrow Health Care Safety Net Catches Suburban Poor
arrow New Program for Needs of Older Cancer Patients, SOAR
arrow Northwestern Offers New Minimally Invasive Technique for Melanoma

August 2013

arrow October. 4 Proclaimed Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute Day in Chicago
arrow Teresa Woodruff, PhD, on Fertility Options for Cancer Survivors, Washington Post
arrow Northwestern Enrolls First Participant in Midwest for Research Study of Personalized Vaccine for Aggressive Brain Tumors
arrow New ACS NSQIP® Surgical Risk Calculator Offers Personalized, Accurate Estimates of Surgical Complications to Patients and Surgeons
arrow New Route for Correcting Genetic Disorders
arrow Website Offers Guidance for End of Life Decisions

July 2013

arrow Statement from Northwestern University on Settlement Agreement
arrow STAR program helps survivors of childhood cancer navigate long-term later years
arrow Connecting with Nature, Cancer Survivors and Myself
arrow Northwestern Research Could Help Cancer Diagnoses
arrow Northwestern Memorial Ranks 6th Nationally on U.S. News' Best Hospitals 2013-14 Honor Roll
arrow Cancer Health Disparities Summer Research Program Welcomes Interns
arrow Dimitri Krainc, MD, PhD, to Head Neurology
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Receives "Outstanding" Rating and Core Grant Renewal from NCI

June 2013

arrow Renowned Neurosurgeon Andrew Parsa, MD, PhD, Joins Northwestern
arrow Harold Pelzer, DDS, MD, Honored & Thanked by Roger Ebert’s Wife
arrow 20th Annual Cancer Survivors Celebration & Walk and New 5K: a Celebration to Remember!
arrow Single-Dose Radiation Effective for Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma
arrow Preventing Eggs’ Death from Chemotherapy
arrow Get Empowered: Life, Living & Follow-Up Care After Childhood Cancer
arrow Tissue in Trouble Calls in Reinforcements to Restore Health
arrow Lalo’s Story: Family Honors a Brain Tumor Patient’s Memory
arrow Melissa Simon, MD, on Family Caregivers Going Pro, NY Times
arrow Karl Bilimoria, MD, Receives NCCN Foundation Young Investigator Award
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Receives $750,000 from Avon Walk Chicago
arrow ASCO Research Summaries for Patients & Families from Cancer.Net
arrow Jyoti Patel, MD, on Landmark Studies Offering Hope Reducing Cervical Cancer Deaths
arrow Overall Run Times for Cancer Survivors’ Celebration 5K

May 2013

arrow Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University
Joins Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium
arrow Melinda Ring, MD, on Pumping Up Your Immune System
arrow We Are All in the Cancer Fight Together, Patient Blog
arrow Erica Marsh, MD, Honored as Innovator
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Patient Advocate on Capitol Hill
arrow Our Stem Cell Transplant Journey
arrow Genetic Counseling Does Not Equal a Bilateral Mastectomy
arrow Virginia Kaklamani, MD, on Cancer Genetics & Breast Cancer Risk, Chicago Tonight
arrow Northwestern Invests in Early-Stage Cancer Clinical Trials, Chicago Tribune
arrow Can Fertility Be Part of Cancer Treatment, Crain’s Chicago Business
arrow New Way to Save Fertility, USA Today
arrow 20 Years of Celebrating Cancer Survivors Watch this Video and Meet Lyan!
arrow Jindan Yu, MD, PhD, Receives Early Career Professor Award
arrow Paula Stern, PhD, on Osteoporosis and Bone Metastases Discoveries
arrow Nanotechnology Pioneer Chad Mirkin, PhD, Named Entrepreneur of the Year
arrow Support the H Foundation When You Dine at the Signature Room in May
arrow Office of Equity and Minority Health Internships Provide First-Hand Experience for Northwestern Undergrads
arrow Vaccine Extends Survival in Recurrent Glioblastoma
arrow Personalizing Prostate Cancer Screening

April 2013

arrow Join the Conversation!
arrow BriteSeed Wins Top Awards at the 2013 Rice Business Plan Competition
arrow Screening Detects Ovarian Cancer Using Neighboring Cells
arrow Sadie Wignall, PhD, Wins Major Research Innovation Award
arrow My Bright Abyss_x001D_ Author on Impact of Cancer and Leo Gordon, MD, NY Times
arrow What I learned from my mom's battle with cancer
arrow Treating the Whole Patient
arrow National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week, April 1-7

March 2013

arrow Genome Collaboration Leads to Prostate Cancer Insights
arrow Jyoti Patel, MD, on Effects of Soy on Lung Cancer, U.S. News Health
arrow Gentler on Fertility, Tough on Cancer
arrow Newly-Identified Genes Identify Breast Cancer Risk
arrow Bonnie Spring, PhD, on Adding Up Exercise, Wall St. Journal
arrow April is Cancer Control Month

February 2013

arrow Inequities in Life and Death
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Named to List of Nation_x0019_'s Best Oncology Programs
arrow Cancer Connections Helps Joni Keep Moving Forward
arrow June McKoy, MD, on Controlling Diabetes for Cancer Patients
arrow Exploring How Skin Cells Communicate
arrow Meghan Bliss-Moreau Taps Creativity in Jazz & Cancer Research
arrow Exploring the Role of MicroRNAs in Cancer
arrow Mathematical Model Adds to Better Brain Tumor Treatment, Chicago Tribune
arrow Long Term Treatment of Patients with Breast Cancer
arrow The Arts of Courage Project

January 2013

arrow Forecasting Brain Tumors, WGN-TV News
arrow Are You New to the Lurie Cancer Center?
arrow Forecasting Brain Tumor Treatment Results
arrow Dr. Jamie Von Roenn on Connecting Palliative Care & Cancer Care
arrow New Way to Kill Lymphoma Without Chemotherapy
arrow Better Treatment Options Lead to Better Outcomes
arrow Dr. Julian Schink on Promising Research for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer, NBC Nightly News
arrow Advancing Treatment Progress for Blood Cancers
arrow Cancer Survivor Katie Widmar Delivers "Covers of Comfort"
arrow Celebrating 5 Years of Smoke-Free Illinois

December 2012

arrow Dr. June McKoy on Juggling Diabetes and Cancer, New York Times
arrow New Targets for Ovarian Cancer Treatment
arrow Apply Now for Summer Research Programs
arrow Dr. William A. Muller Honored for Distinguished Career in Pathology Research
arrow Scientists Discover "Two-Faced Cells" in Colon Cancer
arrow Swanson Named Professor and Vice Chair of Research for Neurological Surgery
arrow Better Treatment for Endometrial Cancer
arrow Dr. Julian Schink on Screening for Ovarian Cancer, ABC 7 TV
arrow Is a Clinical Trial Right for You?
arrow The Power of Hope: Your Support Can Make The Difference
arrow Dr. Jyoti Patel on Quality Care Advances, Audio Podcast

November 2012

arrow Dr. Jessican Altman on Doctor Patient Partnership, Video
arrow Dr. June McKoy on Diabetics with Cancer
arrow Dr. Malcolm DeCamp on Statins Link to Lung Cancer Survival
arrow Dr. Leo Gordon on Managing Hodgkin Lymphoma
arrow Eklund Named Chair of NIH Study Section

October 2012

arrow Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium Partnership with Chicago Sister Cities
arrow Double Assault on Tough Types of Leukemias

September 2012

arrow Sadie Wignall Receives 2012 V Scholar Grant
arrow Licht Elected to Executive Committee of the American Society of Hematology
arrow Licht Receives $6.25 Million Grant for Blood Cancer Research
arrow Strategies Converge on Target in Rare Leukemia

August 2012

arrow Shop at Whole Foods on Aug 29 and Support the HOT Healthy Living Initiative & Lurie Children's
arrow Lynn Sage Foundation: In Good Taste
arrow Lurie Cancer Receives National Recognition for Quality Cancer Care
arrow Steven T. Rosen, MD, FACP, Named Chair of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Medical and Scientific Advisory Board
arrow $1 Million W.M. Keck Foundation Grant Funds Study of Proteins;
arrow Northwestern Researchers Investigate Treatment for Tumor Cells in Spinal Fluid
arrow Moisturizer shows potential for delivery of life-saving skin cancer therapies
arrow Better Understanding of Gene Transcription Could Lead to More Effective Therapies

July 2012

arrow Lurie Cancer Receives National Recognition for Quality Cancer Care
arrow Northwestern Memorial Ranked No. 1 in Illinois and Chicago in U.S. News' 2012 "Best Hospitals"
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Scientists Win Presidential Award
arrow Researchers Study Vaccine Created from Patient Blood Cells as Potential Weapon Against Aggressive Brain Tumors
arrow New Requirements for NIH Funding Acknowledgement

Jan-June 2012

arrow $10 Million Gift Advances Research in Regenerative Nanomedicine
- June 22, 2012
arrow Carol Southard is Koop Foundation "Unsung Hero"
- June 21, 2012
arrow Childhood Cancer Scars Survivors Later in Life
- June 6, 2012
arrow Less Couch Time Equals Fewer Cookies
- June 5, 2012
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Receives $750,000 from Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Chicago
- June 5, 2012
Riad Salem Named Chief of Interventional Radiology
- June 2012
arrow Penedo Joins Northwestern Medical Social Sciences as Roswell Park Professor
- May 24, 2012
arrow Welcome Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
- May 23, 2012
arrow Honoring a Mother's Memory with Recipes and Stories
- April 29, 2012
arrow Former NFL Linebacker, Chris Draft Visits the Lurie Cancer Center
- April 25, 2012
arrow Nanostars Deliver Drug Directly to Cancer Cells
- April 9, 2012
arrow Young Adult Cancer Survivors Connect With Nature and Each Other
- April 5, 2012
arrow Most Young Women with Cancer Don't Try to Preserve their Fertility
- April 5, 2012
arrow New Drug Prevents Spread of Human Prostate Cancer Cells
- April 4, 2012
arrow Screening Method Helps Identify Key Information in Stem Cells
- March 20, 2012
arrow Soy Isoflavone Supplements Did Not Provide Breast Cancer Protections
- February 10, 2012
arrow A New Screening Method for Prostate Cancer
- February 6, 2012
arrow Compassionate Care Awards Honor Hoffman, Vavra and Marshall
- January 31, 2012
arrow Thomas V. O'Halloran Named New Principal Investigator
- January 24, 2012
arrow Kathleen Green Receives Walder Award
- January 16, 2012
arrow Tiny worm points to big promise
- January 8, 2012
arrow Covers of Comfort
- January 4, 2012


arrow NU NEIGHBORS Established to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities
- December 27, 2011
arrow New Treatment Offers Alternative to Amputation for Melanoma Patients
- December 13, 2011
arrow Al B. Benson III, Honored by Association of Community Cancer Centers
- November 2, 2011
arrow New Strategy for Identifying Proteins Could Lead to Early Detection of Cancer
- October 31, 2011
arrow Inaugural Interventional Radiology Symposium Held for Trainees
- October 28, 2011
arrow Minds Matter Benefit Raises More Than $800,000 to Support Brain Tumor Research and Programs - October 20, 2011
arrow Northwestern Inventor Wins Highest Presidential Award
- September 26, 2011
arrow Vitamin D Deficiency More Likely to Affect African-American Men
- September 23, 2011
arrow Terrance Peabody Named Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery
- September 19, 2011
arrow New Minimally Invasive Approach to Thyroid Surgery
- August 8, 2011
arrow STAR Program Helps Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Look Ahead, ABC7 TV News
- August 8, 2011
arrow Dr. Virginia Kaklamani Comments on Genetic Counseling for Women at High Risk, ABC TV News
- August 8, 2011
arrow Study Confirms CT Scans Reduce Lung Cancer Deaths
- July 28, 2011
arrow Herbal Supplements May Affect Chemotherapy Treatment
- July 28, 2011
arrow NMH Rated Among Best for Cancer Care, U.S. News & World Report
- July 21, 2011
arrow Dr. Jonathan Widom, Prominent Biochemist, Dies
- July 20, 2011
arrow New 3-D display at Silverman Hall Gives Researchers an Unusual Imaging Tool
- June 16, 2011
arrow Breast Cancer Clinical Trial Tests Benefits of Topical Gel
- June 16, 2011
arrow iPhone App Helps Doctors Save Cancer Patients' Fertility
- June 8, 2011
arrow New approach to Gene Therapy could be Used to Treat Many Forms of Cancer and More
- June 8, 2011
arrow Research Supports Importance of Long-Term Survivorship Programs
- June 7, 2011
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Receives $750,000 from Avon Breast Cancer Walk
- June 7, 2011
arrow Steven T. Rosen Elected to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Board
- May 26, 2011
arrow Project Onward Study
- May 25, 2011
arrow Researchers Discover Link between Obesity Gene and Breast Cancer
- May 24, 2011
arrow When Rising PSA Means Prostate Cancer is in Patient's Future
- May 16, 2011
arrow Jamie Von Roenn Honored as Palliative Pioneer
- May 15, 2011
arrow Radiation During Surgery May Provide Better Option for Breast Cancer Treatment
- April 11, 2011
arrow New Prostate Cancer Test Gives More Accurate Diagnosis
- April 7, 2011
arrow New Clinic Helps Patients at Increased Risk Avoid Colorectal Cancer
- April 5, 2011
arrow Magellan Development Spring Half Marathon, 10K and Junior Dash to Benefit
Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute

- March 24, 2011
arrow Nanodiamond-Drug Combo Challenges Chemotherapy-Resistant Cancers
- March 14, 2011
arrow A Helping Paw: Trained Therapy Dogs Aid Cancer Patients
- March 3, 2011
arrow Senator Dick Durbin Speaks Out Against NIH Cuts
- March 1, 2011
arrow Jonathan Widom receives Walder Award for Research Excellence
- February 22, 2011
arrow New Probiotic Combats IBD and Colon Cancer
- February 8, 2011
arrow Cancer Survivor Brings Comfort to Others (video)
- January 28, 2011


arrow Northwestern Memorial Maintains Magnet Status for Nursing Excellence
- December 20, 2010
arrow Lung Cancer Patients the Center Piece for Quality of Care Study
- November 22, 2010
arrow Soy May Stop Prostate Cancer Spread
- November 6, 2010
arrow Northwestern Memorial Hospital Wins Consumer Choice Award
- October 27, 2010
arrow New Radiosurgery Equipment Offers Focused Radiation Treatment at Northwestern
- October 25, 2010
arrow United Flight 232 Hero Faces Brain Cancer with Courage
- October 15, 2010
arrow Northwestern Receives $12 Million to Improve Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
- October 14, 2010
arrow Chad Mirkin Elected to All Three Branches of National Academies
- October 12, 2010
arrow Optical technology Shows Potential for Prescreening Patients at High Risk for the Disease
- October 6, 2010
arrow Notable Cancer Center Member Kathleen Green
- October 4, 2010
arrow Spanish-Language Website Provides Information About Cancer Patients' Fertility
- September 10, 2010
arrow Undergrads Gain Summer Research Experience through CURE Program
- September 8, 2010
arrow Preventive Surgery May Save Lives of Women at High Risk for Cancer
- September 8, 2010
arrow Talking Touchscreens May Improve Patient Communication
- August 11, 2010
arrow Combined Technologies May Improve Detection of Colon Cancer in Women
- July 19, 2010
arrow Northwestern Memorial Hospital Rated Among Best for Cancer Care
- July 15, 2010
arrow Molecular Signature May Influence Outcomes for Pancreatic Cancer Patients
- July 14, 2010
arrow Coping with Cancer Magazine Cover Features 2010 Cancer Survivors' Celebration & Walk
- July 14, 2010
arrow NU-PSOC Announces Pilot Project Awards
- July 14, 2010
arrow New Arsenic Nanoparticle Blocks Aggressive Breast Cancer
- July 14, 2010
arrow Are Stem Cells Ready for Prime Time?
- June 25, 2010
arrow U.S. Senator Dick Durbin Supports New Provisions of FDA Tobacco Law
- June 22, 2010
arrow Heather Pinkett Honored by Pew Charitable Trusts
- June 22, 2010
arrow Northwestern Memorial Expands Radiosurgery Program to Treat Tumors Throughout the Body
- June 10, 2010
arrow Lurie Cancer Center and Northwestern University receive $900,000 from Eighth Annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Chicago
- June 11, 2010
arrow Nanoparticle PSA Test Predicts if Prostate Cancer Will Return
- June 6, 2010
arrow Teresa Woodruff, PhD, Named Winner of 2010 Tripartite Legacy Faculty Prize in Translational Science and Education
- June 1, 2010
arrow Wrinkles are Scarier than Skin Cancer for Young Tanners
- June 1, 2010
arrow Blocking Tumor's Death Swich Stops Tumor Growth
- May 28 , 2010
arrow Wood-Prince Family Endowment Gift to Support Division of Hematology, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplant at Children's Memorial Hospital
- May 20 , 2010
arrow Magellan Development Half Marathon and 10K to Benefit Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute
- May 1, 2010
arrow Mirkin Elected to National Academy of Sciences
- April 28, 2010
arrow Maggie Daley Center for Women's Cancer Care Debuts at Northwestern
- April 20, 2010
arrow Al B. Benson III, Named President of the Association of Community Cancer Centers
- April 16, 2010
arrow Clevenger Receives AACR Independent Investigator Grant
- April 14, 2010
arrow True North Treks Helps Young Adult Cancer Survivors Chart a New Course
- April 8, 2010
arrow Lurie Cancer Center Named Commission on Cancer Outstanding Achievement Award Winner
- March 31, 2010
arrow Cookbook Created to Share Favorite Recipes and Memories of Loved Ones Send Your Own!
- March 29, 2010
arrow C. Shad Thaxton Awarded 2009 Early Career Award
- March 1, 2010
arrow Tourtellotte Appointed Associate Director of Medical Scientist Training Program
- February 16, 2010
arrow Chad Mirkin Named Top-Ranked Chemist of the Decade
- January 21, 2010
arrow Game-changing nanodiamond discovery for MRI
- January 14, 2010
arrow Kibbe to be Honored at the White House January 13
- January 11, 2010)
arrow Fraterrigo Named Director of Operations and Outreach for CMDD
- January 5, 2010


arrow Lurie Cancer Center Supports NCCN Recommendations for Continued Annual Breast
Cancer Screening of Women 40 Years and Older

- November 24, 2009
arrow Chad Mirkin Receives the $500,000 Lemelson-Mit Prize for Invention
- June 25, 2009
arrow Less Toxic Drug Prolongs Survival in Metastatic Breast Cancer
- May 28, 2009
arrow Prostate Cancer SPORE Receives Five-Year Grant from the NCI
- April 23, 2009
arrow Jamie Von Roenn receives ASCO Statesman Award
- April 1, 2009
arrow New Tool Guides Doctors to Save Cancer Patients' Fertility
- February 27, 2009
arrow Giammichhio Named New Nurse Manager for Lurie Clinical Cancer Center
- January 6, 2009