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Prostate Cancer Pathfinder

According to the A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia, prostate cancer involves a malignant tumor growth within the prostate gland. The cause of prostate cancer is unknown, although some studies have shown a relationship between high dietary fat intake and increased testosterone levels. When testosterone levels are lowered either by surgical removal of the testicles (also known as castration and orchiectomy) or by medication, prostate cancer can regress. There is no known association with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

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Internet Resources

American Cancer Society
One of the most respected of all not-for-profit organizations in the United States, the American Cancer Society makes outstanding resources available to patients, families and caregivers.
National Cancer Institute: Prostate
Accurate, current information from the world's leading authority on cancer, the National Cancer Institute. Look here first for information on treatment, clinical trials and psychosocial support.
US TOO! International, Inc.
Independent network of prostate cancer support groups. Includes some full-text of publications and current information on therapies and clinical trials for prostate cancer.


(All of these books are available at the Health Learning Center.)

100 Questions & Answers about Prostate Diseases. Loughlin KR. 2007.
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Dr. Katz's Guide to Prostate Health: From Conventional to Holistic Therapies. Katz AE. 2006.
Gay Man's Guide to Prostate Cancer. Perlman G, ed. 2005.
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Men, Women, and Prostate Cancer: A Medical and Psychological Guide for Women and the Men They Love. Wainrib BR. 2000.
Prostate Cancer: Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer. Longe J, ed. 2006. Available in print at the Health Learning Center or electronically
Prostate Cancer: Portraits of Empowerment. Jelsing N, ed. 1999.
Prostate Cancer: Principles and Practice. Kirby RS, ed. 2006.
Seeds of Mortality: The Public and Private Worlds of Cancer. Justman S. 2003.
Surviving Prostate Cancer: What You Need to Know to Make Informed Decisions. Torrey EF. 2006.

Journal Articles

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Screening and Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

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Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Testing. Harvard Men's Health Watch, 11(1):1-2. August 2006.

Treating Prostate Cancer

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Northwestern Memorial Hospital's Health Learning Center has joined forces with the American Cancer Society's Patient Navigator Program to provide assistance to patients and families dealing with cancer. To take advantage of this unique service, provided by a licensed clinical social worker, call 312-926-4282.