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Colorectal Cancer Pathfinder

According to the A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia, the colon and rectum are part of the large intestine (large bowel). Colon and rectum cancers, which are sometimes referred to together as "colorectal cancer," arise from the lining of the large intestine. When cancer arises from the lining of an organ like the large intestine, it is called
a carcinoma.

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Internet Resources Colorectal cancer
Provides access to authoritative documents from the National Cancer Institute, including information about treatment, supportive care and clinical trials.
MedlinePlus: Colorectal Cancer
Developed at the National Library of Medicine specifically for consumers, this site is a portal for both government-sponsored and privately developed health information for the lay public. Look for familiar links to places like the National Institutes of Health.
Colon Cancer Alliance
Support and information for people touched by colorectal cancer. Provides information regarding available services, personal stories, financial issues, book reviews and current events.
American Gastroenterological Association
One-stop access to nearly one hundred electronic mailing lists devoted to cancer as well as a variety of unique Web sites and cancer news.


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Journal Articles

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Colonoscopy. 15 min


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