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The Power of Hope

"As we approach the holiday season, it is a great time to reflect on the things for which we are thankful. In addition to being blessed with my wonderful wife and three daughters, I count Dr. Steve Rosen and the nurses at the Lurie Cancer Center among my blessings. It is difficult to put into words how thankful Jacki and I are for the care, consideration, and compassion we received from Dr. Rosen and his team. Please be generous as you consider the Lurie Cancer Center in your year-end charitable giving."

-Bruce Barron, husband and supporter

Do you believe in the power of hope?

Each day, as Director of the Lurie Cancer Center, I experience its power as I collaborate with my talented colleagues to provide care to an amazing and hopeful group of patients. I am constantly encouraged by their positivity and willingness to work with us to defeat cancer. Sometimes, it can be difficult to maintain hope in the face of cancer. When my family and friends ask me how I remain optimistic each day, I provide an example like Jacki Barron and her incredible family.

Jacki and I first met in 2008, when she was told she had metastatic cancer in her liver and there were no options to control the disease. We determined that the cancer in her liver actually was a unique form of breast cancer, and we put together a tailored approach -- using chemotherapy and innovative, biologic agents -- to treat her. When I asked her how she stayed positive, Jacki shared that her husband, Bruce, had been to every treatment and scan with her since the beginning. She said that she could not have done this without him.

Bruce also let me in on a secret that I am now sharing with you -- hope multiplies. When you have hope for your future, you start to believe in greater possibilities for your children, for your loved ones, and for everyone who may one day face a cancer diagnosis.

At the Lurie Cancer Center, we work each day to provide hope for tomorrow by advancing cutting-edge research into new, more effective cancer therapies and training the next generation of cancer physicians and scientists. This past year we:

  • Recruited eight renowned experts to help lead our faculty's research and care programs;
  • Continued to serve as an area leader in clinical trials for patients from across the nation; and
  • Built our Supportive Oncology Program into a model for comprehensive psycho-social care and rehabilitation.

To continue to offer hope to cancer patients now and in the future, we need your help. Together, our hope can create a future in which we are more powerful than cancer. Please join me and invest in the Lurie Cancer Center.


Steven T. Rosen, MD, FACP

P.S. Please read and share Jacki and Bruce's story. Their hope is contagious!

(Last updated on March 10, 2017 )