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Fundraising Kickoff Reception:
Cancer Survivors’ Celebration Walk & 5K

Lisa Flaum, MD, Kevin Bethke, MD, Neil Fine, MD, and Angie Harrison

More than 60 cancer survivors, supporters and healthcare professionals committed to supporting Lurie Cancer Center’s innovative research and cancer care joined the Fundraising Activation Council for a reception to kick off the 24th Annual Cancer Survivors’ Celebration Walk & 5K! The group gathered at 312 Chicago to share their plans and encourage others to start a fundraising team – or to join an existing team dedicated to funding lifesaving research.

Several cancer survivors shared their own stories, including Angie Harrison. She described how the combination of "information, a team of amazing doctors and nurses, a plan for treatment and a plan for survivorship" gave her confidence following her breast cancer diagnosis in 2014. "I have been cancer-free for a little over two years. I truly believe that my care, and the care of other patients at Lurie Cancer Center is the direct result of research, training and having the very best clinicians in this field of medicine."

"Last year I received an invitation to participate in the Cancer Survivors’ Walk," Angie continued. “I am by nature not a joiner. I had never done a walk before and thought…hey why not. . . I was moved into fundraising action as I read about what contributions could do for others who would be diagnosed with cancer. Funding research, the training of physicians and scientists, and patient care programs that benefited me when I needed it most. Helping patients, families and caregivers that will probably be as overwhelmed and frightened as I was. It became my personal mission to raise as much as I could to help Lurie Cancer Center continue to help as many people as they could. This year I hope to raise double what I raised last year and hope to get more people involved in this worthwhile cause."

Learn more about the Cancer Survivors’ Celebration Walk & 5K on Sunday, June 4 (National Cancer Survivors Day) and register to join us!

Angie Harrison and Leonidas Platanias, MD, PhD, Director of the Lurie Cancer Center
Lurie Cancer Center Director, Leonidas Platanias, MD, PhD, and Angie Harrison
Kathy Haney and Jeanne Allen
Kathy Haney and Jeanne Allen
Megan and Linda Trippel
Megan & Linda Trippel
Megan and Linda Trippel
Deborah Exner, Rodrigo Leanos, Kathy Haney, and Karin Grimes


(Last updated on March 20, 2017 )