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Palliative Care: Enabling you to be you

Midwest CareCenter provides palliative care support, specialized and highly coordinated medical care that improves your quality of life — focusing on your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being — while your physicians work to cure or manage your conditions.

Palliative care can include pain and symptom relief, coordination of your care needs, emotional support and advocacy, as well as spiritual guidance of your choosing.

Palliative care can begin at any stage of a serious, life-altering illness — at the time of diagnosis is best — to help you live with your illness, manage side effects of aggressive, curative treatment and find ways to handle day-to-day challenges. Palliative care can help shift the medical approach from crisis intervention to crisis prevention; for example, good symptom management can help avoid an emergency hospitalization.

Anyone can request a consultation — you, a family member, another caregiver or a medical professional — so you can ask your doctor for a referral to receive palliative care services or call Palliative Care Services directly. We always start by conferring with your physician to determine if a palliative care consultation is an appropriate next step. Whether you are at the hospital, a rehabilitation facility or at home, palliative care can help you.

For a consultation or more information about Midwest CareCenter Palliative Care services, call(847) 467-7423.